We are seeking consumers who were illegally charged excess mileage fees by Ally Financial at the end of their lease. We currently are seeking consumers for two class actions. If Ally Financial did this, or something similar to you, too, please contact us. You may be able to participate in a class action. We do not charge any attorney's fees, and all consultations are free.

Class Action #1:

Our client had a lease through Ally Financial. Our client was involved in an accident, and the vehicle was declared a total loss. Our client's insurance sent a payoff to Ally Financial. Ally Financial accepted the payoff, transferred ownership of the vehicle to our client's insurance company, then sent our client a bill for roughly $11,000 for over-mileage fees.

Class Action #2:

Our client visited a dealership, and traded in a vehicle that was leased through Ally Financial. Ally Financial refused to accept a payoff from the dealership, repossessed the vehicle, and is attempting to collect roughly $9,000 from our client.