Glassey | Smith: A New Outlook on Consumer Protection

Glassey | Smith's mission is to protect consumers from abuse by unscrupulous banks and auto dealers. We believe that the law exists to help all consumers, not just the ones who are able to afford an attorney.

Sharon Glassey and Christopher Smith are the founding Partners of Glassey | Smith, and are licensed attorneys. Mrs. Glassey has over 13 years experience in litigating auto fraud and Lemon Law cases throughout California. Mr. Smith has four years of auto fraud litigation experience, and six years of auto industry experience, which give him unique knowledge of the industry and its practices. Mrs. Glassey and Mr. Smith have worked together for 4 years as the core of their prior firm's litigation team.

Glassey | Smith provides high-quality consumer protection legal services to the San Diego and Los Angeles metropolitan areas.. We focus primarily on protecting clients from abuses by banks and auto dealers through litigation.