Metro RV in Burbank, CA

Our client purchased a trailer/RV from Metro RV in Burbank, CA. Metro RV failed to register the trailer/RV to him and failed to pay off the lien on the trailer. Our client has been unable to register the trailer in his name, for over two years. Meanwhile, the lender who our client obtained a loan through, Logix Federal Credit Union, has insisted that he make monthly payments to them for a trailer/RV that Logix does not have title to and our client can’t legally use. Metro RV has done this to many people. The California Department of Motor Vehicles is investigating the dealership and may pursue criminal charges against the owners of the dealership. If you bought a trailer, RV, or motorhome from Metro RV, and cannot obtain title and/or registration, please call us. We may be able to help you get your money back.