Glendale Nissan – Glendale, CA

Our clients contacted us shortly after buying a new vehicle from Glendale Nissan in Glendale, CA. Prior to buying the vehicle, our clients saw an advertisement on Glendale Nissan’s website, advertising the vehicle for sale at a price of $16,610. The dealership, however, charged them $22,700, before tax, license and registration fees. Charging a consumer more than the advertised price for a vehicle, is illegal. In addition, we alleged that Glendale Nissan failed to correctly disclose the downpayment on the vehicle purchase contract. If you believe a dealership, such as Glendale Nissan, charged you more than the advertised price for a car, or failed to properly disclose your downpayment on the auto purchase contract, please call us immediately. We can enforce your legal rights.