VW of Orange

Our client purchased a new vehicle from VW of Orange in February 2016. He was very excited about his new car purchase, until it turned into a terrifying nightmare. The dealership claims it was unable to place the loan with a bank and attempted to repossess the vehicle from him. The young man contacted our law firm when he was threatened and harassed by an “investigator” allegedly working for VW of Orange. The investigator, “Marc Wilson” sent our client threatening texts, filled with profanity, called his cell phone dozens of times leaving vile and threatening voicemail messages, and threatened to contact our client’s union employer. This conduct is illegal under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and entitles our client to monetary damages, for each violation, as well as punitive damages and attorneys’ fees and costs. A debt collector is prohibited from contacting you at unusual times or places, threatening or using violence, harming your reputation, calling you repeatedly, falsely claiming you have committed a crime, and much more. If you have been harassed and/or threatened by a company attempting to collect a debt, you may be entitled to monetary damages. Please contact us if you have been the victim of unfair debt collection practices by VW of Orange, or another business entity.