Cardinale Way Hyundai

Our clients recently purchased a Prius from Cardinale Hyundai in Corona, CA. In the lawsuit filed on their behalf, we alleged that the dealership misrepresented that the vehicle was a Prius Four, when it was only a Prius 2. Prius Four vehicles have additional features not included in the Prius Two and have a higher selling price. We alleged that our clients were misled regarding the features of the vehicle and overcharged for the vehicle. In addition, our investigation shows that the vehicle was not subject to the required smog inspection and certification. As of April 2015, hybrid vehicles are subject to the same smog inspection and certification requirements as gas-powered vehicles. If you suspect that Cardinale Hyundai misrepresented features of a vehicle, overcharged you for a vehicle, failed to perform a smog inspection/certification on a vehicle, or engaged in other illegal activity. Please call us to discuss your legal rights.