If a dealer takes your vehicle, or forces you to return your vehicle without your consent,  it may be an illegal repossession. A dealer can legally repossess your vehicle if you miss a payment, even by a few days.

However, you may be a victim of an illegal repossession if you stopped paying because the dealer could not provide registration within 3 months, or if a dealer takes your vehicle when you are current on your payments:

Because they cannot find financing

Because the bank returned the loan to the dealership

Because the dealer could not find the title

Or for a similar reason.

There are legal reasons for the dealer to take back your vehicle, including:

The dealer cannot find financing, and the contract states they have a right to cancel (See Cooling-Off Periods | 10-Day Rule)

You were unable to prove something you told the dealership, such as your income

In these situations, the dealer is usually required to give you back any money or property you gave them. The dealer cannot charge you a "restocking fee" or charge you for putting mileage on the vehicle. If the dealer keeps your money, or your trade-in vehicle, they may be breaking the law.

If the dealer illegally repossessed your vehicle, we can help you get your money back. In some cases, we can force the dealership to pay you additional punitive damages. Keep all notices or correspondence that you receive from the dealer or lender.