A dealer must inform you that a vehicle is Salvage/Junk/Rebuilt before you purchase. A vehicle with a “Salvage,” “Junk,” or “Rebuilt” title (“Salvage certificate” in California) means an insurance company deemed the vehicle a “total loss.” Usually, this means the vehicle was in a serious accident, and sustained damage that would cost more to repair than the value of the vehicle. Dealers will purchase such vehicles at a Salvage Auction, and repair them as cheaply as possible. Usually, salvage vehicles have shoddy, cosmetic repairs, with hidden unrepaired damage or missing parts. We have seen multiple salvage vehicles that were missing airbags and sensors or suspension parts. One salvage vehicle had large chunks missing from its frame, hidden by plastic trim pieces. Never buy a Salvage/Junk/Rebuilt vehicle.

Many insurance companies will refuse to insure a Salvage/Junk/Rebuilt vehicle. Many banks will refuse to finance loans to buy a Salvage/Junk/Rebuilt vehicle.