Auto, motorcycle, RV, and boat dealers have developed a sophisticated selling system designed to entice you into the dealership, wear down your objections to buying, and keep you in a vehicle after the sale.

If you are one of the tens of thousands of California consumers that are cheated by dealerships every year, you can do something about it!

Before the Sale

Dealers hide many kinds of problems that lower the value of a vehicle. Some dealers specialize in selling problem vehicles.

We run a battery of vehicle history reports, including CarFax, Autocheck, and National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) reports. We regularly uncover problems hidden from our clients.

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During the Sale

Dealers have developed sophisticated selling systems designed to keep you uninformed and off-guard while at the dealership.

Dealers stretch out negotiations to tire you out, and apply high-pressure tactics to get you to sign on the dotted line. Most dealer strategies are designed to hide how much you will really pay and what you're paying for. 

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After the Sale

Most people think a deal is done once you sign the paperwork and drive off the lot or sail away from the dock. Not true.

Many consumers are confused when the dealer calls, days or weeks later, and tells them they were not approved. Or, shocked when the vehicle that seemed so clean and well-maintained turns out to be a Lemon.

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A Note for Owners of a Motorcycle, Sailboat, Motorboat, Jetski, Personal Watercraft, Recreational Vehicle (RV), or Trailer:

Most of the consumer laws discussed on this website apply equally to consumers that buy other types of vehicles. If you purchased a motorcycle, sailboat, motorboat, Jetski, personal watercraft, RV, trailer, or other similar vehicle from a dealership or broker in California, we may be able to help you. Please contact us for a free consultation about your situation.