Many dealers will advertise a vehicle as a “Theft Recovery.” There is no such thing as a “Theft Recovery” title - it is a Salvage or Total Loss vehicle. A dealer must inform you that a vehicle is Salvage/Junk/Rebuilt before you purchase. In some cases, stolen vehicles are taken to a “Chop Shop.” Easily sellable, high-value items are stripped from the car, including airbags, stereo, speakers, doors, lights, electrical sensors, etc. If enough parts are stolen, the cost to replace these items is greater than the value of the vehicle, and the insurance company will deem the vehicle a “total loss.” In other cases, a stolen vehicle will be taken for a joyride that ended with the vehicle on fire, or in a river. Bottom Line: if the insurance company deemed the vehicle a total loss, there is a good reason for it. Dealers make money on “Theft Recovery” vehicles by making cheap repairs, hiding damage, or selling the vehicle with missing parts. Never buy a Salvage/Junk/Rebuilt vehicle, even if it was a “Theft Recovery.”

Many insurance companies will refuse to insure a Salvage/Junk/Rebuilt vehicle. Many banks will refuse to finance loans to buy a Salvage/Junk/Rebuilt vehicle.