Cerritos Nissan, Cerritos, CA

A consumer purchased a used vehicle from Cerritos Nissan in Cerritos, CA. We successfully represented the consumer in receiving monetary damages based on our client’s claim that the dealership charged her more than the advertised price for the vehicle. Many dealerships sell vehicles for prices in excess of the advertised price. This is illegal! If you suspect you were charged more than the advertised price for a vehicle, please contact us to discuss your rights.

Puente Hills Ford in City of Industry, CA

Our client claims that Puente Hills Ford in City of Industry, CA, charged him more than the advertised price for a vehicle and separately charged him for items/products already included in the price of the vehicle. We have found that dealerships often charge consumers more than the advertised price for a vehicle. Don’t let dealerships get away with this! Please contact us if you think Puente Hills Ford in City of Industry, or any other dealership, charged you too much for a vehicle.

562 Auto Exchange Group, Bellflower, CA

Two consumers contacted us regarding a used vehicle purchased from 562 Auto Exchange in Bellflower, CA. We brought claims against 562 Auto Exchange for selling a vehicle that had not passed a smog inspection prior to being sold to them. It is illegal for a dealership to sell a vehicle that does not have a valid smog certificate. Please contact us if you believe 562 Auto Exchange, or any other dealership, sold you a vehicle that did not have a valid smog certificate.

St. George Auto Sales/St. George Auto Center, Ontario, CA

Our clients were sold a vehicle that St. George Auto Sales/St. George Auto Center represented as being fully covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty. Due to accident/collision damage, the manufacturer’s warranty was voided. If you believe that St. George Auto Sales/St. George Auto Center, misrepresented the quality and condition of a vehicle you purchased, please contact us.

Cardinale Way Hyundai

Our clients recently purchased a Prius from Cardinale Hyundai in Corona, CA. In the lawsuit filed on their behalf, we alleged that the dealership misrepresented that the vehicle was a Prius Four, when it was only a Prius 2. Prius Four vehicles have additional features not included in the Prius Two and have a higher selling price. We alleged that our clients were misled regarding the features of the vehicle and overcharged for the vehicle. In addition, our investigation shows that the vehicle was not subject to the required smog inspection and certification. As of April 2015, hybrid vehicles are subject to the same smog inspection and certification requirements as gas-powered vehicles. If you suspect that Cardinale Hyundai misrepresented features of a vehicle, overcharged you for a vehicle, failed to perform a smog inspection/certification on a vehicle, or engaged in other illegal activity. Please call us to discuss your legal rights.

Fletcher Jones Motorcars, Fletcher Jones Mercedes-Benz, Newport Beach

We have confirmed that approximately 5% of customers who purchased a vehicle from Fletcher Jones Motorcars/Fletcher Jones Mercedes-Benz in Newport Beach were charged more than the advertised price for the vehicle. Some customers were overcharged a few hundred dollars, while some customers were overcharged thousands of dollars. If you purchased a Mercedes vehicle from Fletcher Jones Motorcars/Fletcher Jones Mercedes-Benz in Newport Beach between 2012-2016, please call us to discuss whether you were overcharged for your vehicle. You may be entitled to monetary compensation.

Napa Chrysler/Napa Dodge

A gentleman contacted our firm regarding a vehicle he purchased from Napa Chrysler/Napa Dodge, which is now out of business. Napa Chrysler/Napa Dodge has not registered the vehicle to him and he has not received the license plates for the vehicle. Our client is required to make monthly payments to a lender for a car he cannot legally drive. The DMV told our client that Napa Chrysler/Napa Dodge hasn’t submitted any purchase/registration paperwork to them, so it can’t register the vehicle to him. If you purchased a vehicle from Napa Chrysler/Napa Dodge, and have contract or registration issues, we can help you. Please contact us for a free consultation.

Lumber Liquidators

A homeowner who spent more than $20,000 for new wood flooring in her home contacted us after a beetle infestation was discovered in the floor boards. Beetles destroyed her floors and Lumber Liquidators refused to help her. We are seeking a refund of the money she paid for the flooring, installation, and fumigation, as well as punitive damages. If you purchased wood or laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators and experienced a beetle infestation, please contact us for assistance with this matter.

VW of Orange

Our client purchased a new vehicle from VW of Orange in February 2016. He was very excited about his new car purchase, until it turned into a terrifying nightmare. The dealership claims it was unable to place the loan with a bank and attempted to repossess the vehicle from him. The young man contacted our law firm when he was threatened and harassed by an “investigator” allegedly working for VW of Orange. The investigator, “Marc Wilson” sent our client threatening texts, filled with profanity, called his cell phone dozens of times leaving vile and threatening voicemail messages, and threatened to contact our client’s union employer. This conduct is illegal under the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act and entitles our client to monetary damages, for each violation, as well as punitive damages and attorneys’ fees and costs. A debt collector is prohibited from contacting you at unusual times or places, threatening or using violence, harming your reputation, calling you repeatedly, falsely claiming you have committed a crime, and much more. If you have been harassed and/or threatened by a company attempting to collect a debt, you may be entitled to monetary damages. Please contact us if you have been the victim of unfair debt collection practices by VW of Orange, or another business entity.

Selma Kia

A consumer contacted our firm regarding a new car purchase from Selma Kia in Selma, CA. During the purchase transaction, which took place over one week, the dealership entered into two purchase contracts with our client. The dealership allegedly backdated the second contract to the date of the first contract, which caused the lending disclosures on the second contract to be inaccurate. California lending laws are very strict and compliance is vigorously enforced. Dealerships cannot backdate a purchase contract to an earlier date. If this occurs, a consumer has the right to cancel the purchase contract or be relieved from paying finance charges. If you feel that a dealership may have inaccurately disclosed the financing fees on your contract, or you signed more than one contract with an incorrect date, please contact us for a free contract review.

Glendale Nissan

Glendale Nissan, in Glendale, CA, sold our clients a new Nissan Versa. Our clients contacted us after discovering that the dealership charged them more than the price advertised on the internet. In discussing the case with them, we also discovered that the vehicle purchase contract was illegal and unenforceable. Our thorough research led to a favorable result for our clients and they were able to return the vehicle to Glendale Nissan and get out of their purchase contract.

Jimmy Vasser Toyota

Our firm brought claims on behalf of consumers who purchased a certified Sienna from Jimmy Vasser Toyota in Napa, CA. We alleged that the dealership sold our clients a certified vehicle which had previously sustained substantial accident damage. Glassey Smith recovered substantial monetary damages for the consumers who felt they were sold an unsafe vehicle, with undisclosed accident damage. If you purchased a certified vehicle, and have discovered it had undisclosed accident/frame damage, please call us to discuss your legal rights.

Tracy Toyota

Glassey Smith recently represented a gentleman who purchased a used vehicle from Tracy Toyota in Tracy, CA. Our client claimed that the dealership sold the vehicle to him for more than the advertised price. This is a wide-spread, illegal practice, engaged in by car dealerships throughout California. A car dealership cannot charge a car buyer more than the advertised vehicle price. If you believe a car dealership charged you more than the advertised sale price, please call us. We will scour the internet for advertisements and may be able to get you money you are entitled to.